About Wavelight


Electronic pacesetter, entertainment and information to the public. WaveLight technology constantly attracts the spectators to the competition. It entertains the spectators in the stadium and the viewers back home because they always see how athletes compare to a certain record.

The WaveLight is officially approved by World Atheltics. Many world, European and personal records are set by having an ideal race set up for every single race. Click here to see the highlights of WaveLight history.

For more information regarding WaveLight and its use during an event, please contact us.

Training Module

The #WAVELIGHT is an electronic pace-setter built in at your track, that sets a different time dimension and guides runners on their time, speed and interval. The desired pace is always in sight and provides the athlete with continuous information and motivation. Easy to install on both existing and new athletics tracks, the #WAVELIGHT comprises of 400 LED lights installed in the drainage covers. 4 Different colors can start simultaneously or separately and run their own pre-programmed interval session. In this way you can easily complete different programs with different training groups.

For more information about #WAVELIGHT and its use as a training module, please contact us.